The History of Isleworth | Windermere, Florida

The Windermere, FL community of Isleworth namesake comes from its roots in Florida's citrus production.  The "Isle of Worth" refers to the bountiful land that brothers, Sydney and Joshua Chase, used to develop their citrus company, Chase and Co., formed in 1884.  The Chase brothers drove their horse and buggy to an island by Lake Tibet-Butler, searching for fruit to supplement the scarce supply in Sanford, due to a severe frost.  They discovered the land now known as Isleworth.  While many other growers were leaving the Florida area, the Chase brothers had the foresight to stay in Florida and to expand their land holdings.

Sydney Chase built a cypress bungalow on Lake Louis in 1913, and in 1931, his younger son Frank W. Chase, Sr. went to Windermere to oversee company's activities.  In 1935 Frank and his new wife Helen moved into the beautiful Lake Louise home and lived there until his death in 1986.

After flying over Isleworth, PGA Golf legend Arnold Palmer purchased the land in 1984 with the brilliant idea of creating luxury real estate with a residential community surrounding a world class golf course.  Before anything else, Palmer, along with his development partner The Concord Corporation of San Antonio, planned out the majestic 18-hole golf course exactly to Palmer's grand vision.

In 1993, Palmer sold the 600-acre community of real estate to Aviva Land Holdings.  Working under the motto "Only The Best," the company has redeveloped the land to feature estate homes and luxury living, that has made Isleworth one of Florida's most beloved and desirable upscale communities.

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