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Windermere Florida History

Historic Windermere SchoolhouseA highly sought after place to live, Windermere, FL is steeped in a rich history that helps give the town its modern charm. Founded in 1887, Windermere prides itself on many of its historical sites, from its Town Hall (built from 1922-1924), which began as The Women's Club, to Cal Palmer's office Building (completed in 1911), to the Parramore House, also known as the Historic 1890 Windermere Schoolhouse, which became the first school in the Town of Windermere. 

Until the 1500s, the Timucuan Indians called the historic Windermere area home.  In 1564, the Spanish began to settle in the area. After the United States the 1821 purchase of the eastern half of the state from Spain, Florida became the 27th state of the Union in 1845.

As an incentive for settlers, the United States government gave 160 acres of free land to anyone willing to cultivate five acres and build a cabin. Thanks to this act, more settlers found their way to Windermere, which brought in railroads, steamboats, and tourism. Windermere was beginning to develop its identity.

In 1910, the Windermere Improvement Company was formed by Dr. J.H. Johnson and J. C. Palmer. Their efforts gave the city vision and leadership; homes were built and land set aside for the cultivation of Florida's famous citrus groves. The population in 1920 was 320 then in 1925, Windermere was incorporated as a town. The population now is 2,300 with many of its roads and homes preserved to retain the heritage and history that makes the city so special.

The Town of Windermere, Florida continues to add to its lush history by becoming the "Number One Top Choice Towns for Families with Children in the Sunshine State." The prestigious award was given by Neighborhood Scout, which combines data from the National Center for Education Statistics, the U.S. Bureau of Census, The FBI, the U.S. Justice Department, and the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight.

Neighborhood Scout creator Dr. Andrew Schiller, states the criteria to determine these top neighborhoods were that they "have both top-quality public schools and an exceptionally family-friendly environment." Among the determining factors were quality of public schools, safety from crime, and education of the adults, all of which are defining traits of Windermere, Florida

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