Dr Phillips (32836) Real Estate Market Update

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Thinking about buying or selling a property in the Dr Phillips Real Estate market? Our interactive charts will keep you up to date of all of the local Dr Phillips real estate market conditions within the 32836 zip code. 

Dr Phillips Real Estate Market Activity

The chart below shows the number of currently Available (Active) properties / Properties Currently Pending Sale / and Sold properties in the Dr Phillips area of Orlando broken down by month. You can place your mouse over each point to see how the data compares to the same time period the prior year.

Dr Phillips Real Estate - Average Sold Price

The graph below shows the Average Sold price for all properties, Single Family Homes, and condominiums / townhouses broken down by month in Dr Phillips, Orlando for the past year.

 Dr Phillips - Average List Price to Sold Price

 The graph below shows the ratio between asking and selling prices in the Dr Phillips market.

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