The Condo Hotel - Orlando's Newest Vacation Property

Posted by Jeffrey G. Funk P.A. on Thursday, August 23rd, 2007 at 9:59pm.

Orlando Condo HotelOne of the biggest trends in home ownership right now are condo hotels. These wonderful vacation spots can be used when the owner chooses and rented out when the homeowner is not using them. Condo hotels differ from other vacation homes in the way that they provide high end resort style amenities, are wonderfully furnished and sit on some of the best vacation spots in the country. They are generally owned and operated by some of the most well known names such as Hilton, Ritz Carlton, and Westin.

Offsetting the cost of ownership is very simple process with condo hotels. When the unit is empty, it is placed into the hotel’s rental program. The hotel also takes care of managing the renters, housekeeping and maintenance of the unit. Also, because the owners can take advantage of using the hotel’s name, advertising, central reservation system, and many other of the hotel’s benefits, they can typically receive a larger rental income than they would with other investment properties.

Condo hotels are also in very high demand, with some properties being completely sold out before the developer even begins construction. This high demand makes for an even greater appreciation for these communities.

Seasonal resorts areas are one of the hottest markets for condo hotels. This is especially true in places such as Orlando, Florida. These type of resorts carry many attractions that lure in international buyers. Everyone recognizes the appeal of these destinations and want to be a part of it.

The trend of buying condo hotels has sky-rockets due to rising interest rates and a very unstable stock market. Investors continue to look for ways to invest in something safely, with minimal risk. Orlando Condo hotels are a great way to have a wonderful place to vacation to, rent and make income when they are not there, and to have an investment that will continue to appreciate.

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