Selling Your Orlando Home in a Buyers Market

Posted by Jeffrey G. Funk P.A. on Wednesday, May 30th, 2007 at 10:04pm.

With home inventories at high levels we are currently experiencing a buyers market. Buyers have many more homes to choose from than in recent years and will use this to their advantage. Over the next few days we will discuss tips on how to prepare and present your home in a buyers market. You may have more competition in a buyers market but that does not mean that you cannot sell your home. Follow these tips to give yourself the competitive advantage you need to sell your house in today's real estate market.

Price your Orlando Home for Sale Realistically

Gone are the days where you can set the highest price possible on your home and find buyers. With so many houses on the market, today's buyers are looking find the houses that are priced correctly. Pricing your home today takes research and this is where you and your Realtor should sit down and come up with a price that you are comfortable with and will attract buyers. Take time to review the homes that are for sale in your neighborhood but more importantly the research homes that have sold in the last few months. Knowing what your competition is in the market is great but knowing what homes have sold for in a competitive market is even better. Remember, just because your competition is asking a higher price for their house does not mean that they have done the research and have the knowledge that will get there house sold.

After doing your research price your home approximately 4% above what you think your house should sell for. Set your price competitively from the start and try not to get caught up in the thought of I can always lower my price later. Research shows that you will get the most buzz from your home when it is first placed on the market. This strategy can also work against you when you do decide to lower your price many buyers may perceive this as the seller being desperate. Competitively pricing your home from the start and you will not only will you attract more buyers but you will most likely avoid lowball offers and save time in negotiations.

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