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Orlando ForeclosuresAre you interested in buying a distressed property? Pre-foreclosure filings were on the rise last month in Florida, placing it at the No. 2 spot across the nation for total filings and filings per capita, claims In first place was California with 132,101 year-to-date pre-foreclosures, and Florida followed closely behind with 111,236. Florida was also just behind Nevada’s 2.55 percent per capita with a 1.76 percent per capita.

In July alone, Florida had 21,120 filings, which was well above the 13,005 filed in June. These were still very close to the numbers in California who had a total of 23,662 filings in July. However, they were much higher than the 6,498 cases filed in Texas. A report from Realty Trac. shows that Florida is number

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Homes prices in the Orlando area are continuing to be lowered. During the second quarter, Orlando experienced a forty percent drop in sales on single-family homes. The number of home sales dropped from 8,189 last year to 4,933 for the same time period this year. The average sale price has also dropped from $265,500 in the second quarter of 2006 to $253,800 for the same time this year.

Condo sales for Orlando have also dropped by sixty-one percent. During the second quarter of 2006 the figure was 1,456, compared to 572 for the same period of time this year. Average sale prices for these condos have also dropped from $163,500 in the second quarter of 2006 to $155,700 this year.

The entire state has experienced a decrease in single-family homes. During

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I am happy to report that I have some good news regarding tourism numbers. Resort tax collections in Orange County were raised almost four percent in the month of June. This should be good news for people that are looking to purchase an Orlando vacation property in our current buyers market.

The six percent hotel tax had produced $14.9 million in June. $12.4 million was taken from the first five cents of the tax. The sixth cent took $2.5 million. The sixth cent was added in September by The County Commission.

The June 2007 tax receipts had increased to $466,000 or 3.9 percent. In June 2006, the five percent rate created $11.9 million.

It is definitely encouraging to know that the resort tax had increased some after two months of declining tax

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One of the things I love about living in the Orlando area is that all of my friends from around the country love to visit here. With this in mind we have always tried to have a nice comfortable guest room for all of our out of town vistors. A guest room can be much more than just a spare bed with a lamp and maybe a night stand. These rooms can be a true getaway paradise for guests that stay with you, keeping just a few design trends in mind.

The first thing is to make sure that the guest will be comfortable staying in the room. The best place to start is with the bed. For added comfort, a plush mattress topper can be added to make the guests feel as if they truly are sleeping in luxury. Double sheeting also adds a touch of class. To do this, place one

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Orlando New HomesThere really is nothing like moving into a brand new home where nothing has been used and there is no redecorating that needs to be done. A home that is one hundred percent, truly and only yours, brings about a feeling like no other. However, there is much more to building a home than some might think. Below are a few key things to keep in mind when building your dream home.

Consider very carefully where the home is going to be built. Check to make sure that any lots that you are considering building on are actually zoned for building. Although the real estate agent or the seller may tell you that this is not a building lot, this is not their responsibility so if you don’t check it out for yourself, you could end up with a lot that you can’t do

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Once you have found the condo that you believe is perfect for your tastes and lifestyle, there are some questions that should be asked before any purchase is made. These key questions will prevent you from being stuck in a bad homeowner’s situation and will make you more prepared for what you are getting yourself into.

The first question that you should be asking is what the other owner’s complaints are. Remember that if you were to move in, there’s a good chance that these complaints could become your own. Reading the minutes of past association meetings will provide good insight as to what any problems are. Of course, the present owners may not have anything to complain about but reading the minutes is still a good idea. They may show that there are

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Orlando Condo HotelOne of the biggest trends in home ownership right now are condo hotels. These wonderful vacation spots can be used when the owner chooses and rented out when the homeowner is not using them. Condo hotels differ from other vacation homes in the way that they provide high end resort style amenities, are wonderfully furnished and sit on some of the best vacation spots in the country. They are generally owned and operated by some of the most well known names such as Hilton, Ritz Carlton, and Westin.

Offsetting the cost of ownership is very simple process with condo hotels. When the unit is empty, it is placed into the hotel’s rental program. The hotel also takes care of managing the renters, housekeeping and maintenance of the unit. Also, because the

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When trying to sell your home in today's Buyers Market, there are certain incentives that can attract buyers. However, these incentives don’t often include things such as large screen televisions or expensive cars in the driveway. Often homebuyers will assume that these gimmicks have been included in the price of the home and they could actually turn buyers off of your property. Instead, more practical incentives such as the actual cost of the home and the amount of their monthly payments are likely to be much more attractive. 

Incentives can be stated at the very beginning of the home selling process to make it stand out from the rest of the houses on the market or they can be added several months after the property has been listed to help it sell.

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The only reason one should not a buy a home is if they don’t intend to live there for a very long time. Buying a home and then moving within two years of the purchase doesn’t make a whole lot of sense as there are many costs that come with selling a home. While a homeowner can usually rely on the appreciation of the home’s value to cover these costs as well as the costs that come with buying their new home, this may not be the case if the current home has only been occupied for a short period of time. 

That being said, a home is usually occupied for seven or more years, making it very practical to buy instead of rent. This is true at any time and for any market. Many homebuyers think that they need to wait until the time is exactly right before

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