May 2007

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Yesterday we discussed how to price your home in a buyers market. Today we will focus on giving your home great curb appeal in order to attract buyers.

The first thing that buyers see when looking at homes is the outside. You can never get another chance at a first impression. Make sure your home has curb appeal. Your house may be beautiful on the inside but if the outside is not kept up buyers may decide that they do not like your house before even stepping a foot inside. If you are planning on placing your house on the market then make sure that the outside of your house is in tip top shape. Take a walk across the street and take a look at your house from a buyer prospective.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the house need paint?
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With home inventories at high levels we are currently experiencing a buyers market. Buyers have many more homes to choose from than in recent years and will use this to their advantage. Over the next few days we will discuss tips on how to prepare and present your home in a buyers market. You may have more competition in a buyers market but that does not mean that you cannot sell your home. Follow these tips to give yourself the competitive advantage you need to sell your house in today's real estate market.

Price your Orlando Home for Sale Realistically

Gone are the days where you can set the highest price possible on your home and find buyers. With so many houses on the market, today's buyers are looking find the houses that are priced correctly.

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The local real estate market here in Orlando has been under a lot of scrutiny lately along with the majority of the US housing market. The headlines read "Orlando-area home sales drop 35% in April". While we cannot dispute this fact that the numbers are down but is the press giving this market a bad wrap?

In 1999 I was just getting into real estate sales. While taking my real estate classes I remember my instructor ranting about how great the Orlando real estate market was at the time. I do not recall negative press for the real estate market during that time. I went on to get my real estate license and never heard a whimper from anyone during my first few years about a bad market. Well as we all know from 2002 - 2006 the housing market in Orlando and

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One of the newest and hottest concepts in the Orlando real estate market is the condo hotel. A condo hotel concept incorporates traditional condominium ownership with all the luxuries of a world class hotel resort. Condo hotel or CONDOTELS¬Ě appeal to many people interested in a vacation home due to their luxury accommodations, first class amenities and great locations. Combine all of these factors with the ease of ownership, and it is easy to understand why people are now opting to purchase a condo hotel over a traditional vacation home.

The Orlando condo hotel market has recently taken the area by storm. There are many new developments underway that will offer buyers some of the most exclusive vacation home ownership in the area. These four and five

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In recent years there have been many cases where people are buying homes and later realizing that the square footage does not measure up to what they had been told. How can this be so? Most real estate professionals are going off of the tax records which should be accurate but many are finding discrepancies.

Part of the problem lies in the fact that there are no universally adopted standards in measuring the square footage of a home. Architects measure square footage from the interior of the wall and others measure from the exterior, some include stairways and others do not. In many cases the difference in square footage can be approximately 5%.  In a 2500 square foot house 5% is another 125 Square feet in many homes that's another bedroom.  What would

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