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Some of greatest natural wonders in the Sunshine State are Central Florida's many pristine lakes.  Orlando real estate owners and residents enjoy relaxing afternoons, picnicking and sunbathing lakeside, fishing, boating, and much more.  Learn more about the lakes and the benefits that come with owning lakefront homes in Orlando.

Butler Chain of Lakes of Windermere and Dr. Phillips

Boasting some of Central Florida's premiere water-skiing, wake-boarding, fishing, and boating experiences are the Butler Chain of Lakes.  These crystal clear canal connected lakes beautify 5000+ acres of land and are surrounded by some of the areas most prestigious neighborhoods and homes in Dr. Phillips and Windermere, FL.  Created by large sinkholes formed by eroding limestone, rainwater is the main source of water in these picturesque sandy bottom lakes.  The Butler Chain of Lakes are ideal for water sports enthusiasts, featuring cleverly placed slaloms. Due to the fact that there are only two public access points, these exclusive lakes do not become overcrowded or congested.

  • Lake Blanche: Lake Blanche is a 121 acre circular pool connected only to Lake Chase.  It creates pleasing lake frontage for the Isleworth Golf and Country Club, Isle of Osprey, and North Bay.
  • Lake Butler: Surrounded by the beautiful communities of Isleworth, Chaine Du Lac, Lake Butler Sound, Waterstone, and Kelso, Lake Butler is the largest lake of the chain, offering boaters 1,665 acres of skiable waters. The northern end of the lake is often used by afternoon boaters as a place to anchor and unwind.
  • Lake Chase: Beautifully fronted by Isleworth, Isle of Osprey, and Emerson Pointe. Lake Chase is a 135 acre with a northeast exit to Lake Blanche.  Water-skiers find this lake especially appealing when there is too much wind or traffic on the larger lakes.
  • Cypress Lake: Once a part of the Butler Chain of Lake, the canal to Cypress Lake has gradually filled an become impassible making Cypress Lake a private ski Lake of 65 acres fronted by Kelso on Lake Butler.
  • Lake Down: Featuring 872 acres of clear, skiable water, Lake Down is the northern-most lake in the Butler Chain.  Public access is across from the Isleworth entrance on Conroy-Windermere Road and at R. D. Keene Park and Boat Ramp on Chase Road.  This beautiful lake is bordered by the communities of Sunset Bay, Down Point, Windermere Oaks, the Town of Windermere, Harbor Isle, Marina Bay , Lake Down Village, Windermere Downs, and The Lakes.
  • Lake Isleworth: Also known as Lake Palmer and home of the R. D. Keene Park's boat ramp, Lake Isleworth is a 56 acre circular pool connected to Lake Louise.  The southern canal leads boaters to Lake Tibet. Neighborhoods Surrounding Lake Isleworth - Isleworth, Keene's Pointe
  • Lake Louise: Lake Louise is a long and narrow 145 acre lake.  Its shape lends itself to waterskiing from one end to the next. This lake serves as a half way-point from Lake Butler to Lake Isleworth. Surrounding Neighborhood: Isleworth.
  • Pocket Lake: Featuring a well-maintained slalom course on its west side, Pocket Lake is a 126 acre circular shaped lake.  Canals on the southwest corner of the lake lead to Little Fish Lake. Surrounding Neighborhood: Millionaires Row.
  • Lake Sheen: Offering plenty of space to fish and ski, Lake Sheen is a 565 acre, circular shaped lake.  Lake Sheen is home to the Orange County Sportsman's Association Club.  This club offers a private boat launch and picnic facility.  Membership can be attained for $150 per year for a family and a boat. Neighborhoods along the lake are Cypress Point, Cypress Isle, Millionaires Row, and Lake Sheen Reserve.  The southern canal leads to Pocket Lake.
  • Lake Tibet: With 1,198 acres of water, Lake Tibet is the second largest of the Butler Chain of Lakes.  The lake is longer than wide and its slalom course on the southeast side makes it quite attractive to water-skiing.  The southwestern side borders a gorgeous nature preserve.  Neighborhoods surrounding the lake are Isleworth, Keene's Pointe, Cypress Point, Bentley Park, Emerson Pointe, Point Tibet, Bay Hill, and Cypress Isle.
  • Little Fish Lake: Little Fish Lake is a 30 acre lake along the neighborhood of Turtle Creek.  Its canal leads back to Pocket Lake.
  • Little Lake Down: A small lake accessible via canal on the west side of Lake Down is Little Lake Down.  It is surrounded by Homes on Bayshore Drive and often used by the OARS high school crew teams for practice.
  • Wauseon Bay: Wauseon Bay acts as a conduit from Lake Butler to the west side of Lake Down. It creates beautiful lakefront properties for many residents of Windermere and has water-skiing on the western side of this 100 acre lake.

Additional Butler Chain of Lakes Information: Butler Chain of Lakes in Windermere & Dr Phillips

Other Windermere, FL Lakes

  • Lake Bessie: Lake Bessie is a private 156 acre lake located between Isleworth and Windermere.  Residents from these communities enjoy water skiing and boating on the lake. Private Lake - No Public access. Surrounding Neighborhood: Isleworth.
  • Lake Burden: With roughly 40 acres of water, Lake Burden is a private ski lake.  Keene's Pointe residents with a community access ramp and park can use its exciting slalom course. Private Lake - No Public access. Surrounding Neighborhoods: Keene's Pointe, Casa Del Lago.
  • Lake Butt: Adjacent to Windermere Lakes, Lake Butt is 70 acres large and water ski-able. Private Lake - No Public access.
  • Lake Crescent: Crescent-shaped and 172 acres, Lake Crescent is a large water skiing lake available to residents of Butler Bay, Windermere Club, Crescent Lake Estate Homes, and the Manors at Butler Bay.  Private Lake - No Public access.
  • Lake Lunz: Loctaed in Windermere, Lake Lunz is a 22 Acre located on the border of Windermere and Winter Garden. Private Lake - No Public access.
  • Lake Roper: Available for water skiing for residents of Sunset Lakes is the 35 acre Lake Roper. Private Lake - No Public access.
  • Lake Roberts: Residents of Windermere Club, Butler Bay and Waterford Pointe enjoy private water skiing on the 95 acre Lake Roberts. Private Lake - No Public access.
  • Lake Sawyer: Fronted by Sawyer Shores, Lake Sawyer is a water ski-able 93 acre lake with a canal to Lake Butt. Private Lake - No Public access.
  • Lake Whitney: Located in the Reserves at Belmere, Lake Whitney is a 40 acre ski lake that features a fishing pier, tennis courts, beach volleyball, and tot lot along the shoreline for Reserve at Belmere residents to enjoy. Private Lake - No Public access.
  • Lake William Davis: Lake William Davis is a 25 acre lake situated amongst the neighborhoods of West Lake Butler Estates, Tildens Grove, and Keslo on Lake Butler.  It is privately available to these neighborhoods for water skiing. Private Lake - No Public access.

The Sand Lake Chain of Lakes - Dr. Phillips

  • Big Sand Lake: Surrounded by the neighborhoods of Bay Vista Estates (community access), Sand Lake Point (community access), Sand Lake Cove, Phillips Landing (community dock), Vizcaya (community clubhouse), and Venezia , Big Sand Lake is a 1,110 acre lake with no public access.  Often used for water sports such as water skiing and fishing, Big Sand Lake is a large beautiful lake that often sees large seasonal water level fluctuations. Private Lake - No Public access.
  • Little Sand Lake: The smaller companion to Big Sand Lake is the aptly named Little Sand Lake.  Measuring in at 156 acres, it is located along the developments of by Grenada Villas (community access), Vizcaya , and commercial developments. Private Lake - No Public access.

Other Dr. Phillips Lakes

  • Lake Mabel: A larger lake of 412 acres, Lake Mabel is ski-able with no public access.  Neighborhoods are being developed along its shores, and the southwest part of the lake fronts on Disney property. Private Lake - No Public access
  • Lake Serene: Lake Serene is a 44 Acre Lake off of Apopka-Vineland Road, South of Sand Lake Road.  Private Lake - No Public access Surrounding Neighborhoods: Phillips Landing, and Vizcaya.

Winter Park Lakes

East of Orlando, in downtown Winter Park, FL are the picturesque Winter Park Chain of Lakes.  Covering 2,781 acres, these beautiful lakes offer some of the finest water based recreational activities.  Consisting of Lake Virginia, Lake Osceola, Lake Maitland, Lake Mizell, and Lake Sue, these five interconnected lakes are home to some of Florida’s most breathtaking scenery and indigenous wildlife.

The Winter Park Chain of Lakes is perfect for all water sports and recreation.  Boaters enjoy the five canal connected lakes.  The gorgeous crystal clear water is perfect for water skiing, kayaking, and pontoon boating.  Fisherman will enjoy the variety of fish found in the different lakes, and wild life enthusiast can come to the Winter Park Lakes to see everything from Bald Eagles, Ospreys, ducks, otters, and alligators.

A public ramp is available behind Rollins College for boat access.  Use of the ramp requires a City of Maitland or Winter Park permit, which helps to keep the lakes from overcrowding.

  • Lake Berry: East of Lake Virginia and west of Lakemont Avenue is Lake Berry.  This 68 acre lake has a depth of approximately 10 feet.
  • Lake Killarney: Lake Kilarney is located west of Highway 17-92 between Lee Road and Fairbanks Avenue.  Stretching across 234 acres, this lake has an average depth of about 7 feet.
  • Lake Maitland: Lake Maitland is a 451 acre lake east of Highway 17-92 and south of Howell Branch Road.  With an average depth of 7 feet, Lake Maitland has good clear water and known for its largemouth bass.
  • Lake Osceola: Lake Osceola is a 156 acre lake within the Winter Park Chain of Lakes.  The average depth is about 9 feet and the quality of water is good.
  • Lake Sue: Upstream of Lake Virginia is the 142 acre Lake Sue.  The average depth of Lake Sue is 7 feet.
  • Lake Virginia: Located south of Fairbanks/Osceola corridor and bordering Rollins College is Lake Virginia.  The lake is 224 acres and has a depth of 10 to 30 feet.  Lake Virginia has connections to Lake Maitland, Lake Nina, and Lake Minnehaha.

The Winter Park Lakes also have a collection of smaller lakes, which include Lake Wilber, Lake Chelton, and Lake Knowles.  These lakes range from 1.1 to 7.7 acres in size.

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